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My Story

Experienced Life Coach

With over 25 years of experience working as a Physiotherapist within the NHS as well as my Coaching practice, I have gained valuable knowledge and skills to help transform your inner self, promote self-love and
create a lifestyle that puts you first. 
Fully accredited in Hypnotherapy and Coaching, I can assist in your journey to awaken your mind and gently guide you back to your inner wisdom, encouraging you to see and experience your world in a different way.


Explore. Discover. Transform

Create a lifestyle of joy and purpose that puts YOU at the forefront. Feel happier and more fulfilled by exploring a deeper understanding of how we experience life.  This new understanding will give you the power to embrace your life journey with confidence, freedom and peace.

Have you ever wondered why your patterns of behaviour get repeated?

Does it feel like no matter what you do you seem stuck in a circle of stress and anxiety with no focus or direction? Does it feel like no matter what you do you seem stuck in a cycle of stress, anxiety or pain? 

You are not alone.

Explore. Discover. Transform.

Together we can transform your wellbeing with a unique blend of coaching and hypnotherapy.

Explore Your Path To Wellbeing

How do you want to experience life? Together we will explore what beliefs, patterns of thinking and behaviour are shaping your wellbeing.  Understanding your unique experiences, that brought you to this point.

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Discover My Coaching Method

With my one-to-one bespoke coaching package, we will discover what is holding you back. Together we will identify and transform limiting beliefs and patterns of behaviour that are keeping you stuck. We will explore new positive and peaceful ways of being within your life.

Transform With The Process

The connection between mind, body and spirit is a powerful tool. I can help you to understand the mind-body connection to allow you to bring yourself back to well-being.  We will work with a combination of coaching and hypnotherapy to encourage connection to your inner wisdom and rediscover who you truly want to be.

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What Clients Are Saying


Lynne is so easy to talk to and completely makes you feel at ease. She has been an incredible support to me and helped me immensely through a particularly stressful final year of university during the pandemic. Lynne has provided me with numerous coping strategies and invaluable advice allowing me to view the world from a different perspective and observe my thoughts rather than getting caught up in them. I have noticed a huge difference in myself since having sessions with Lynne and am making progress towards living life without anxiety ruling me. I am forever grateful for Lynne and cannot recommend her highly enough.



"It always seems impossible…until it’s done"

Nelson Mandela

Relaxing by the Water

Discover New Ways of Being

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