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What Clients Are Saying

Image by Annie Spratt

I contacted Lynne after struggling with chronic pain and anxiety for many years. I had made some inroads into my pain using a mind-body approach but was really struggling to manage the anxiety that was fuelling my pain. If I had a flare up of pain, it was really difficult to keep calm, especrive. I love doing craft activities and as these all involve using my arm/shoulder/neck, I was getting fed up of 'resting'.

After working with Lynne for just 2 sessions, I really felt the benefits, especially having someone to talk to who understood. And I even felt it was OK to pour out the stuff I normally would keep hidden (the not nice and unreasonable stuff!)

We did some powerful work identifying the part of me that was vigilantly trying to keep many, many 'plates' spinning all at the same time and allowed them to drop. What a relief! And then we worked on what keeps me trying so hard to be better/perfect.

I really feel that I have found a precious resource in Lynne. She is calm, warm, humorous, very knowledgeable and has a wealth of training to call upon. I would encourage anyone who has pain or other symptoms that have persisted beyond the usual healing time of 6-8 weeks, to contact Lynne and discuss their problems with her - you will not be disappointed.

M.Clarke (Retired GP)

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When I first contacted Lynne, I was in the most desperate way I have ever been in my life. I had not long been discharged after a six week stay in hospital where I had three operations in very quick succession due to complications after initial back surgery. I didn’t recognise myself. Usually fit and active, I was bound to one chair, terrified to move incase I damaged my back, and genuinely feared I would never be able to walk unassisted again. After my initial meeting with Lynne I immediately felt some hope, a light at the end of the tunnel. I worked with Lynne for three or four sessions initially and with each session my mind grew stronger until there was a light bulb moment where I realised that my back was fixed! It was my fear that was holding me back! Lynne helped me see and realise a life free from pain and free from the prison of fear that I was living in. It is very hard to accurately put into words what she did (and continues to do) for me. It is no exaggeration to say she gave me my life back, not only living without pain, but in every aspect of how I live. How to see things differently, escape the narrative of my own mind when it is required and just to take a breath. Even now, if things get a little bit too much for me I will still reach out to Lynne and know that I am in a safe, calm and extremely gentle environment with the most beautiful of soul’s. Life sometimes gets on top of you, no matter how ‘together’ you are and it is critical that you have someone or somewhere to turn to give you a place to talk. Lynne provides this, by the bucketloads. Her ability to treat, even the most debilitating of pains, without surgery or medication is astounding. If you are living a life in pain then I can’t encourage you enough to reach out to Lynne, give it a go, and see how she can support you and put you back onto the path of pain free living. 

Client V. Wallace

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Lynne worked with my teenage daughter for a few sessions and has given her excellent support and strategies to help her with quite high levels of anxiety. Lynne is thoughtful and is highly skilled at supporting people to understand their own thoughts and emotions.  She is also very easy to talk to! My daughter feels this input has been invaluable.

Client - M.N

Stock Image 1_edited.jpg

 Kind, compassionate, and calming. Working with Lynne over the past few months has completely changed my life around, she managed to help in a way that has allowed me to understand myself and how my mind works. From the first session I was instantly comfortable with her due to the friendly environment she effortlessly creates, this helped me regarding my own anxieties as I knew I was in an open, judge-free space. I have had previous therapeutic help, and yet my experience with Lynne outshines it all; I would highly recommend.  Ethan

Client - C.S

Stock Image 3_edited.jpg

"Professional Warm Kind Understanding Non-judgemental Friendly Caring Relaxing". These are a few of the things that come to my mind when I think of a session with Lynne. I’ve felt stuck in a rut for quite a while now, always thinking I’ll do something about it soon. When I have a few days to myself, when I finish that work thing etc. Procrastinating really I suppose. A friend of mine shared Lynne’s page last year & I ‘liked’ it & enjoyed her content. I kept thinking, I must get in touch with her & see if there’s anything she can do with me!! But I held myself back because I thought maybe it’s just me being silly, I have a good life & good people around me, so I shouldn’t (😏) feel like I need help with anything! And so, more procrastinating.... until I finally got in touch.  Well, in just a few sessions I cannot explain how different I feel about things. Lynne listened, empathised, encouraged & helped me feel like me again. When I think of the time I wasted making excuses not to get in touch with her sooner, I could scream!!! I didn’t need a reason at all, Lynne just chatted away & listened like I knew her for years & it felt so good. I feel so much more put together & lifted!! If you feel like I did, please don’t waste your time feeling like you need a big reason, as it’s reason enough if you're thinking about it. Thank you so much, Lynne. I’m forever grateful.


Image by Todd Quackenbush

In recent months, I'd found myself struggling to come to terms with how hard it has been to recover from fairly major surgery.
I’d retreated from colleagues, friends and family, I was having so many negative thoughts and wasn’t enjoying doing the things that normally made me happy.  Having always been a fit, active and happy person, this was all such a shock.
A friend, who had previously had some coaching sessions with Lynne, recommended I see her.
I found Lynne so easy to talk to, I was finally speaking to someone about how I really felt and what my fears were.  Lynne encouraged me to stop setting goals and just find something each day that made me happy.  We talked about living in the present moment, which I thought I was, but now realise my head was always racing ahead.  She helped me understand that I can change the dynamics of relationships by thinking about things differently, choosing not to let things upset me that might have previously.  I can live in fear of something or I can choose a different outcome.
With each session, I’ve taken away something slightly different and have felt a massive shift, which is hard to describe but is noticeable to those closest to me, but most importantly, to me. 
I’ve found joy in life again, loving seeing my friends and family more than ever.
I’ve learned to accept where I am physically and that it’s a period of time that will pass.
I’ve taken control of my feelings around certain relationships and they’ve improved substantially.
I can also feel the positivity passing on to others as I interact with them.  
If you feel anxious, stressed, down, lost or are struggling at all, some time with Lynne will undoubtedly help.  Thanks so much for everything Lynne!

Client - A.S

Image by Aaron Burden

I can highly recommend coaching sessions with Lynne.  I approached Lynne for help in changing my career but also hoped she could help me with the constant anxiety I had lived with since my youngest child was born 12 years ago. I had been doing the same job for 20 years that I didn't enjoy, I felt stuck, low in confidence and didn't know what else to do. 
Initially, I was unsure how zoom would work and was apprehensive about not meeting face to face.  However from the very first call, it was so easy.  Lynne has this wonderful way about her, I'm not sure I can explain it! But she made me feel at ease immediately and I felt that someone finally "got" how I was feeling.  I felt at last I could be completely open about how I felt.  I no longer felt ashamed of anxiety.
Lynne helped me to see the world in a different way and I've found a sort of inner calm or confidence.  I'm not saying I don't worry about things anymore because I do.  But the difference is that the worries don't seem to matter so much anymore.  They come and go and I don't dwell on them.  I overthink much much less about everything and it feels great! Even quite challenging situations I feel more able to get on with.  I live much more in the moment and don't think too far ahead in a fictional future.
Six months on from where I started and I have already moved to a different job within the same organisation (something I had wanted to do for years) and am making slow but steady steps in pursuing a completely different career.  I now feel excited for the future.

Client - L.C

Pink gerbera up close_edited.jpg

I decided to contact Lynne at a time when I was feeling very anxious and wanted this to stop ruling my life. With Lynne's background of working within the NHS and following my first chat with her I decided to begin my journey with her life coaching programme. I found my sessions with Lynne to always be very helpful and left with a lovely feeling of calm and positivity. Lynne is very kind, non-judgemental and empathetic. I have been reminded that I have all I need within me to be the person I want to be and to be kind to myself. Even though life can still be challenging at times, I now feel more confident and at ease within myself. Thank you Lynne for helping me to find the real me again.

Client - V.W

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